Burn the Candles

“We don’t want their china cabinets full of antiques dishes.”

I read an article recently on millineals not wanting to “inherit” all the Knick knacks and antiques and collectibles of their parents, and this quote struck me. As someone who is ADRK (almost done raising kids) I find that I have lots of reflection lately. Things I learned being a mom, things I would do differently, precious memories of the past 22 years. One lesson I learned from my mom that I am grateful to have practiced while raising my crew was use your good stuff. The pretty dishes, the good wine, the special candles. Use them, because what good are they doing anyone stuffed in a cabinet?

The reason we are blessed with anything at all is God’s love for us. Have you ever noticed how sometimes on a perfectly regular Tuesday God paints the sky with a ridiculously impressive sunset? He is so good at weaving beauty all around us in nature and babies and music and delicious food and little moments where you suddenly see how good He is. He doesn’t save His best stuff for special days- He makes ordinary days special for the sheer delight He takes in us as His children.

The reason I think millineals don’t want their parents stuff is those things weren’t meant to be treasured so much as tools to create moments and memories that are treasured. Mama’s- burn the candles and make your home warm and cozy. Use the pretty dishes and share great conversation and laughter around the table. Wear your nice shoes and good perfume and enjoy dating your husband and creating special memories that support your marriage. Invite community into your home even though the carpet gets stained and the walls get scuffed, because the relationships you build will support you and a picture perfect house will not. Make memories and bless others and be extravagant on Tuesday’s and make a beautiful life that points people to our beautiful Savior. 

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