Giant Bunnies and God’s Love

I wonder sincerely if anyone ever finishes a bunny this big? As you can see, she’s made a dent in the ears.

Emma was delighted by her Papa Doc’s Easter gift. As he often does, he brought over something “giant” just to see how she loves it. When I watch Emma and Papa Doc I often think about God’s extravagant love. Papa Doc will go to any length to make a memory, spoil his grand kids and be near to them. He really is quite “over board” in lots of ways as the giant stuffed animals all over her room attest, and I think Emma will grow up being able to understand God’s love from a unique angle because of it. (That or delve further into pack-rat-ism.)

So often, with God, I forget how much He desires to show me His love. I forget just how outrageous the Cross really was. How over board God’s love was to come to me when I ran from Him. How high and wide and deep his love reaches to include us all. To include me. I lose my childlike delight because I focus my attention on the gifts, not the love of the giver. Lately I have had a refocusing in my heart back to Him. And I am thankful for it.

Hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend. Enjoy your chocolate and jelly beans! If you don’t have any left, come on over- Emma will be eating it till Halloween!

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