Happy 4th of July Monsoon from Tennessee



We are expecting around 12 friends and family in 20 minutes so I thought it was the perfect time to wish all my Millinery friends a Happy 4th. We are having a crazy downpour that now has the weather people issuing flash flood warnings. For heaven’s sake! Whoever heard of such on July 4th? Nevertheless we intend to grill out (you can see my husband’s brilliant set up in the picture) and enjoy some time with our people. Here are my thoughts to share with you today about America: I am grateful to live here. I am blessed to live here. And because I enjoy that blessing I have a responsibility to share, give and frankly, care about the rest of the world. Ultimate freedom is found not in our country, but our Savior and while it is wonderful to thank God for our country, we mustn’t confuse that with worship. God is not an American.

I am proud of America in many ways, and certainly today want to say a special thank you to all those who serve in the military to maintain our freedoms. May your day be filled with wonderful food, family and gratitude!

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