Nurses Cap

We just got home from Emma’s surgery and I’m thankful it’s over! She did really well, and now we work on recovery. The worst part for me was how pitiful she was when she first woke up. She was crying, her mouth was full of gauze and she was totally disoriented. I had to carry her to the van because her little legs were so wobbly. The comic relief was she kept insisting we go get her promised Webkinz right now, mouth full of gauze and all. I knew she was delirious so I kept saying, “we’ll get them soon” trying to pacify her and not upset her further.

I wonder if we ever sound that delirious and comical to God in the things we ask for to escape or distract from our pain?

For today, I’m in nursing mode with my girl. Off to check vital signs and change gauze…..

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