Peace in the Chaos at Christmas (and everyday)


There is something about Christmas that instills a reverent hush in our souls. The Holy and Loving God, descending into our mess, surrendered to all our human limits and brokenness. On a journey to redeem, born from a love so powerful it would defeat death. It is so much more than “Christmas Magic”- it is truly full of wonder and amazement. God came near to bring us peace. Such good news for a weary world and we greatly rejoice in it.

Over the years of Motherhood, Wifery, ChurchMembering, Counseling and all the other hats I wear that keep me busy, I have often longed for peace but felt it was missing. Where was the serene awe I experienced in the Christmas story? Why did my life feel so chaotic at times when Jesus came to bring me peace? I would feel guilt or a sense of being a failure when I couldn’t get my life to look more peaceful. There were just so few “Silent nights where all was calm and bright” between teenagers and toddlers and ministry and messes.

I was not looking for peace though. I was trying to find some other realities that proved elusive for more than fleeting moments. Things like Calm. Predictable. Safe. Tidy. Picturesque. And that dear friends, Jesus has never promised.

“I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

The peace He came to bring is internal and eternal. It has nothing to do with house quiet my home is or how calm my morning commute was. It is not dependent even on my feelings. It is possible to have this peace at the funeral of a loved one or in a war zone or after losing a job. This peace is about knowing that the debt owed against God has been paid in full. The gap between my ability and God’s goodness has been bridged. The crooked path I’ve walked has been completely straightened. Christ came near and did what I could never do- lived a perfect life, died for all my sin and rose up from the grave, defeating death. This is peace between my soul and my God and no chaotic external moment or season can shake it. No matter what happens, I know I will be okay because Christ has secured my acceptance with God and my ultimate reality is not here but in eternity when Christ returns.

This life is not neat and tidy very often. I do enjoy moments where I feel calm and I get to quietly sit in a uncluttered room or move at a relaxed pace- but that is not what I treasure. I treasure knowing that when all is not calm and bright, my God is near. He will never be angry and distant or harsh and condemning. I am safe and at peace with Him because Jesus came into my chaos and conquered it.

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