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Tonight’s thoughts are short and sweet, sponsored by “Gone-With-the-Wind-Comes-on-TV-Tonight-and-I-Still-Have-a-Few-Loose-Ends-to-Tie-Up-Before-Bed”.

If your busyness is focused on making yourself look good, making your kids look good, getting people to like or be impressed with you, personal gain or creating temporary security it will lead to frantic, stressed out living. Temporary happiness replaced by deep emptiness. And the need to continually engage in more of the same.

If your busyness is focused on bringing glory to your creator, blessing your family and friends and reflecting God’s love to hurting and broken people- all the while knowing none of the “works” you do make God love you any more than He already does- then it will lead to joy.

I have lived in both types of busyness. It requires honest inner assessment for me to really know my motives, and at times I’m sure they’re a little of both. But, choosing to ask why I’m so busy is a good place to start. 

So tonight as you get ready for a big day of feasting, remember to focus on Jesus. His love and redemption offered at the cross. And allow that to fuel the choices you make. Or don’t make. 

That is all. Off to watch one of my childhood favorites……

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