Reflections of the Unchangeable One


When I was young I sat around dreaming up details to create my grown up life one day. The style of my wedding dress, how many children I would have and even what my house would look like. I mapped out a rough draft of images, and began to unknowingly internalize a belief about what my life would feel like – an expectation of adulthood. It was never a calculated plan, more a series of unconscious assumptions about who I would become and the life I would be living as a woman.

Life veered. The assumptions sometimes proved false. Feelings did not quite match expectations. Nothing was as permanent as it seemed in my childhood imagination. A divorce. Children growing up alarmingly fast. Churches splintering and friendships fading. Gray hair and wrinkles replacing youth in the mirror.

As I think about gratitude and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I am reminded once again that this life and almost everything attached to it is temporary. I find my deepest gratitude in the fact that my hope and joy are rooted in the unchangeable love of Christ. And it’s interesting because the parts of this life I treasure the most, the ones I find myself most thankful for, are usually just reflections of God’s love or character. The love of my husband, the joy of Motherhood, the ocean and mountains and sunset- all little mirrors of God’s love, protection and beauty. In a very real sense, I am meant to reflect God in each season- joyous or difficult, secure or scary, conflicted or peace filled. So this November, as the election is over and our country begins the process of moving forward after a difficult season, I pray those of us who know Christ reflect his character to our country. And as we enter Advent, I pray we reflect on the Unchangeable One who entered our ever changing world to secure our future, even as we continue to reflect Him to a broken world that desperately needs His light.

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