Here are the things I love about traveling:

1. Eating whatever I want. I am generally healthy and try to eat minimally processed, high fiber, low fat, whole grain, natural foods. Which is good for everyday life, though my kids would beg to differ. However, when I am on a trip, I just eat what sounds good. It’s the exception to my rule. And I delight in dinner’s of appetizer’s, dessert for breakfast and junky fast food drive-thru’s.

2. Time away from my plugged in lifestyle. I really enjoy a few days with no computer or really even texting. It’s a nice way to clear my head, refocus on God and family, and remind myself that not too long ago, we lived without those emails/texts/blogs/status updates/tweets.

3. Not cleaning. Not thinking about cleaning. Not needing to clean. You get the idea….

4. Living on vacation time. In real life, I never go anywhere without my planner. I constantly check my watch to make sure we’re running “on schedule”. In my job, everything runs around the clock. Sessions starting on the hour, ending at 10 till (or too often, ending at 3 after. Still learning to get better at ending on time) But while on vacation- I can sleep till I want to get up. Eat when I’m hungry. Go to bed when I want. Linger over coffee longer than usual. Chit chat till some ridiculous hour of the night and not worry about being exhausted for work the next day. (I think it will be like that in heaven, by the way. Once we’re in eternity, why would you ever be rushed or feel hurried?)

5. Reconnecting with people I love. I generally travel for or to see family. Occasionally, we take a trip for Scott’s ministry conference, or I travel with Branches to St. Augustine once a year. But most of the time, I’m getting to see and spend time with family. My family is spread out all over: Ohio, Florida, Georgia and I’m in Tennessee. So when I have the chance to see them, it’s rare and I really feel blessed to catch up on life together. If I were better at staying in touch long distance that would be easier- but I’m not.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll pack my suitcase, load my car with lots of goodies and head to Gatlinburg for a weekend with mom and my two sisters. It’s been a few years since we last did a weekend away, and we gave this weekend as a gift to my mom last Mother’s Day. So, I’m sure I’ll have a fun picture or two to post when I return. Along with a bunch of treasured memories, some dirty laundry, an emptier checkbook and a very satisfied tummy.

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