We Don’t Back Down 

It’s Wednesday. That middle of the week day that stretches out looking long and tiring before your first cup of coffee. For years Wednesday has been daunting, with my work schedule combined with teenager schedules. About three years ago, my sons and I were experimenting with going to the gym to work out at 5:30 am a few days a week. (We had clearly taken a temporary leave of our sanity) On a particularly hard morning to get out of bed, where the struggle was indeed, very real, I had the “last ditch effort to get me moving” idea to give each day of the week a theme.

We-Don’t-Back-Down-Wednesday was born.


As I sit this morning, thinking about what it’s like to be a woman who juggles a lot of hats, aiming to live a life of gratitude and surrender for all that Jesus has done for me, I began to consider what God calls us to not back down from…….

doing hard things, like showing up in your marriage after he has hurt your feelings again, and having that same conversation with that same child about that same issue that keeps throwing you both into anger and refusing to allow being single to define your worth no matter what social media is preaching

doing the right thing, even if you feel alone or misunderstood or persecuted for it

feeling discomfort and pain, like the kind that comes from pushing yourself to grow in relationships, letting women in to see the real you while risking taking off the super hero cape that feels so secure to wear

doing new things, like reaching outside your social and ethnic culture to love others even when you feel unsure and inadequate, or setting a goal that scares you because you might fail and you’d have to remember your worth isn’t based on accomplishment

sacrificing comfort and convenience, like spending less on temporary pleasure for the sake of investing those funds in the kinds of work that reflect a good and loving God or taking a meal to a sick mom or giving a ride to a college kid without a car or stopping to talk to a homeless person as you stroll the street, even if it creates awkward silence

real growth, the kind that does not come from fad diets or instagram’d quiet times or pyramid money schemes but the kind that comes from taking the next right step every day in that area you feel so defeated by, and then waking up the next day and doing it again

necessary conversations, where you face conflict head on or you confess struggles in real words that aren’t pretty or you admit fears or you offer forgiveness

At the end of my hardest day of the week, or hardest year or even hardest season, I want to know I did not shrink back from the hard. Or the hurt. That because Jesus faced death in the eye, did not shrink back- but overcame it- I can keep gettin back up to face my next challenge.

What about you? Where do you see God calling you to stand firm instead or back down? 



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