writer’s block

well, I have been sitting her trying to write a blog for 40 minutes, and I think after 15 days of blogging I have finally hit a wall. Writer’s block. I’ve been laughing about how much I have found to say over the past 2 weeks, because one of my fears in starting a blog was running out of things to talk about. But now I’m stumped. 

And tired- it was a long afternoon at work. Wednesday’s I work from 1-8 and I love it, but I am usually exhausted when I get home and I think today I used up all my words. So, in light of this lack of inspiration, let me just skate by with a thank you. I have had so much encouragement from those of you reading this blog, and I really feel blessed by that. I honestly don’t know exactly why I felt the need to begin a blog, but I do feel God directed me in some way to begin and I pray He uses it for all our good and for His glory. My favorite part has been observing my life through the lens of writing about it- it has given me new perspective on myself in the process. Also, I like watching my stats that tell me how many people have read each post and where they are from. (I’m geeky like that.) Oh and I love the comments, so feel free to add your thoughts anytime!
ok, that’s it. for tonight. I’ll leave you with a picture of my family, just cause I love them and it’s a great picture!

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