Women wear a lot of Hats. We can rock the work hat, mom hat, wife hat, friend hat, daughter hat, chef hat, maid’s cap, nurses hat, sister hat- well, the list just keeps on going.

I hope when you come to Millinery, you feel like you walked into a really fun hat shop where there is something for every woman. And especially something that reminds you there is always hope to juggle all the hats! In my world, I wear a lot of hats, but my favorite is a crown that reminds me I am the daughter of the King. In fact, all the hats I wear come out of the same hatbox, which is my relationship with Jesus. It gives meaning and purpose to all the roles I play.

I love women and all the ways we are both strong and fragile. How we cling to our loved ones fiercely and struggle to keep an open palm. I love that we multi-task, even though it can be exhausting. I love how we worship with abandon, share with vulnerability and love to the depths of our core. I also adore the way we look for beauty all around us and in us, and how we find the joy in the mundane. So welcome to my metaphorical hat shop. Let me know what you think, and how you are learning to wear your hats and where they keep falling off. Let’s encourage each other!

My work Hat

I often refer to my “clients” or my job in my blog. Branches Counseling Center is where I have the honor to work. We are a Christian counseling center in Middle Tennessee. I love my job. I have not always been a working mama, and it takes some juggling but I see the Lord bring hope and healing to many and am always grateful to join with them on that journey.

(As a matter of moral and ethical boundaries, I never refer to any clients by name or even to specific situations. All references are used in a general sense, as my clients’ confidentiality is of utmost importance to me.)

We have been so blessed over the past eight years to worship, serve and live in community with an amazing group of people in our town. We focus on the gospel. We live in community. And we seek out mission everywhere God sends us, both in our town and around the world. We believe the gospel changes everything. It certainly has in my life. Learn more about City Church here.